What were they thinking?

Virtual meetings such as the ones enabled by the technology behind Zoom, Teams and Skype have proved their worth during lockdown, and if this was a trial for the effectiveness of online

Be prepared as normal

The world's trying to return to normal - or a different version of whatever that was pre-COVID. Radical changes to the working environment such as flexible hours, remote offices and virtual

Questions, questions…

The lockdown has inspired quiz-masters all around the country to dig deep into the world of fact/fiction and compile lists of questions to challenge the best at the game. With time on our hands,

Stay Tuned

While we weather the COVID-19 storm it’s tempting to sit back, watch a few box-sets and wait for things to normalise.  There are two ways of looking at this, both requiring some deliberate

Student employability

It's that time of year again.  Expect a foggy start, but the mists will clear....once you're Work Savvy The thrust of Sir Anthony Seldon’s article in yesterday’s Times was aimed at