Earning or Learning

The benefits of work experience have never been in doubt but the importance has grown to the point where both words Work and Experience are now spelled with capitals and its enhanced curricular


IN THE BEGINNING There’s nothing new about fake news. After all it’s been part of subterfuge and deception ever since the serpent convinced Adam and Eve it was a good idea to eat that

Good to know

Employers are very vocal about the qualities they'd like to find in job applicants. Let's give them what they want. Mark Twain is quoted as saying: “I’ve never let my school interfere with

Missing reality

Current restrictions in the way that we communicate due to COVID-19 has forced us to forego face-to-face meetings and make the most of virtual reality. Unlike in the past, in settling for

What were they thinking?

Virtual meetings such as the ones enabled by the technology behind Zoom, Teams and Skype have proved their worth during lockdown, and if this was a trial for the effectiveness of online

Be prepared as normal

The world's trying to return to normal - or a different version of whatever that was pre-COVID. Radical changes to the working environment such as flexible hours, remote offices and virtual

Questions, questions…

The lockdown has inspired quiz-masters all around the country to dig deep into the world of fact/fiction and compile lists of questions to challenge the best at the game. With time on our hands,

Stay Tuned

While we weather the COVID-19 storm it’s tempting to sit back, watch a few box-sets and wait for things to normalise.  There are two ways of looking at this, both requiring some deliberate

Student employability

It's that time of year again.  Expect a foggy start, but the mists will clear....once you're Work Savvy The thrust of Sir Anthony Seldon’s article in yesterday’s Times was aimed at