William Casement

William Casement
The idea for Work Savvy was formed after a personal approach by a friend whose child was so daunted by the (typically) opaque job description of an imminent graduate scheme that there was a danger she’d not turn up on the day. All that was required to restore confidence was timely guidance from somebody who had witnessed at first-hand all that would be around the corner. Work experience is invaluable to those who don’t have it, and this product is a way to put it to good use where it’s really needed.

William started his City career on the floor of the London Stock Exchange, becoming an authorised trader with Wedd Durlacher (later absorbed into BZW). The Big Bang of 1987 sparked the move into international markets, with spells in European Equity Sales at Commerzbank (1998-2005), ING Europe (2005-2010) and Mainfirst (2010-2012)

Oppenheimer Europe (2014-2017). Structural decline in demand for fundamental research prompted a turning-point to fuel the growing appetite for alpha-generative process tools to assist in idea generation, portoflio review and asset allocation. A perfect example of substantive research ahead of the implementation of MiFID II.

The footnote to a long-standing daily newsletter with loyal readership featured 20 years of commuting experience brought to the page in Dirk’s Diary. This is no longer to be found online, but proof that the written word can still stand the test of time it remains in hard-copy.

Accreditation in 2014 (London School of Mediation) was the result of a desire to hone soft skills and put them to better use where needed, for alternative dispute resolution in the community, family, or commercial workplace. This is ongoing.

A fully paid-up subscriber to a healthy life-work balance means exercise wherever it can be found, with cycling having taken over from a decade of regular marathons (6 London and 4 foreign). Surfing, skiing, tennis and golf all have a part to play both in spite of and because of 29 yrs of marriage and 3 children. Ditto creative writing, poetry and cryptic crosswords.

Certified Professional Resume Writer CPRW, member of PARWCC, 2021

DBS certified Personal Indemnity insured.